Social Media has taken the real estate world by storm over the last few years — from #RETSO to #NARdigras to #genblue to #KWFR.

By default, the Realtor community has been slow to embrace change. When this “movement” seemed to catch fire last year, every real estate conference in 2010 and 2011 has felt the need to include one or twelve seminars about how to use social media, what tools are available, how it can change your business, even what to wear to be successful in social media. (In Mari Smith’s case, “Mari Blue” has become as integral to her image & brand as her extensive Facebook knowledge & charming coaching style.)

As a Realtor in San Francisco, I’ve been surprised to see how few realtors — especially the top producers — have dipped a toe in the supposedly chilly waters of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress. Many seem to be relying on time-tested referral business and direct mail, completely missing the value of those referrals as they relate to the exponential network of friends each one of their prominent, happy clients has online.

The next 5 deals could be waiting out there on Facebook profiles and in Twitter searches — “John graduated, we’re empty nesters!” — and yet, because these seasoned realtors think of SM as nothing more than a fad, they refuse to accept that 14% of people trust ads, but 90% of people trust their friend’s opinions — and those opinions are growing publicly by the second through the social media networks they scoff at.

My goal is to help top-producing realtors re-engage their marketing efforts by using the inexpensive, targeted efficacy of social media tools . . . whether to re-connect with former clients and industry professionals through LinkedIn, or understanding how to use Twitter to gain business without having to ever send a single tweet, and why Facebook Pages are going to be THE place to “hear” what clients and agents alike are thinking — while offering an incredible opportunity to capture leads and convert digital relationships into tangible revenue.

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