Maybe you just got a promotion. Maybe your coffee was especially tasty this morning. And maybe you were feeling so good, you sent a friend request to someone who you were friends with in the past, be it an ex, or a former co-worker . . . or maybe you’re so enamored with someone’s professional work, you want to be their friend on Facebook.

So you send a friend request. And it’s never accepted. And now you look like a jackass.
Facebook has made it surprisingly simple to withdraw a friend request, as quietly as that potential “friend” may have ignored said request. Even more surprising — an explanation of how to do this is
nowhere to be found on the web . . . until now:
1) In the search box on the top of your profile, type the person’s name. Even if it’s a generic one, like Paul Jones, the person you’ve attempted to friend will be the first one on the list.
2) Click that person’s name to view their profile.
3) In the bottom left hand column of their profile, under their “Friends” list, you’ll see 3 links in blue: “Share Profile”, “Report/Block this person” . . . and, you guessed it, “Remove Friend Request”.
4) Click the remove request link . . . and you’re all set!